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Etiquette Classes for Teens (14-17 years)

As your Teen embarks on life adventures, learning and understanding kindness skills will carry them forward in life.  

Moving to High School means your Teen will meet a new and larger group of potential friends, teachers, and mentors.  

Training classes geared towards kids that are growing into adults, help develop essential life skills.  Our Teen classes, provides hands-on mentoring, where kids will learn why these skills are so important.

We cover etiquette for situations that:

  • Build stronger ties with friends.
  • Kickstart your ability to meet and greet this includes how to introduce people.
  • Show others you value them through the way you communicate and interact.
  • Respect for others starts with respect for yourself.
  • Dining etiquette provides the correct and proper social skills for any dining situation.
  • Strong interviewing skills impact many parts of your Teen's future.


Build and Inspire Confidence

Develop sharp Social Skills to feel confident and accomplished , this sets the extraordinary apart from the ordinary by being gracious, mindful, thoughtful and smart.

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Teens Etiquette classes (14-17 years)

The Good Manners Teen classes are designed as one hour subjects, that are either one on one or hey, bring a friend or work with a group of your favorite people.  We are here to help you as parents or caregivers to give your kids the best start in life, so we encourage participation from you.  Each teen is different and navigating social survivial skills can be challenging and lets face it, as parents and caregivers we understand the difficulities that young people are faced with and reliase sometimes we just dont get through to them. 

Our subjects are designed for teenagers today and are fun, fast-paced, and interactive. We give encouraging and positive feedback throughout the training and encourage the students to practice the skills at home with family and friends.  We have some great course suggetions and are open to yours.  We can talior specifically to the needs of your teen, this is your investment for their future.

Worksheets and a certificate is presented to all our students on completion of their structured program. We will work through a needs analysis with you and build the right program for your child.

Manners are an awareness of the feelings of others if you have the awareness then you have good manners.



Snapshot for Tulsa Teens...

Positive body laungage and Deportment
Make a great impression 
Hygine and Grooming
Dating respectfully
Social Media reality

Interviewing Skills
Table Manners 
Dining Etiquette



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