Manners Matter at the Dining Table

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Dining and Table skills for tweens and teens

Did you know that all food is NOT finger food?  Have you found yourself appalled by the way some people eat in public?  Have you ever worried about eating spaghetti while dining with others? 

As much as people like to say they don't judge others, the reality is very different.  Our behavior can either offend or impress the people with whom we come into contact.

Manners matter in today's society, first impressions are everything.  Proper table manners help you make an excellent impression on others by showing respect and good manners.

Good table manners and dining etiquette allow you to sit at any table with confidence.  Good table manners make others comfortable and keep us from embarrassing ourselves.

If you have children, then you'll want to set a good example by using proper table manners.  You're teaching your children the importance of respectful and considerate behavior as well as the significance of social practices.

Also, by teaching your children table manners, they will be better prepared for social and professional situations.  They will have the skills that help them make a good impression when with family and friends.

Build and Inspire Confidence

Develop sharp Social Skills to feel confident and accomplished , this sets the extraordinary apart from the ordinary by being gracious, mindful, thoughtful and smart.

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Dining etiquette for adults

Have you ever been to a job interview where the interviewer took you out for lunch?  If so, did you know when to start eating? Did you know which utensils to use?  Did you know how to hold your glass? Did you know how to place your napkin?  If you are unsure about the answers to these questions, then you will benefit from these classes.  Job interviews and business deals often happen over lunch or dinner.

Making a good impression is critical.  If you are being interviewed for a highly regarded position with a well-respected firm that wines and dines its prized clients, then upper management often conducts the final interview at a restaurant to test your dining skills.  Your table manners and dining skillset need to be flawless.  If they are not, then it's time to do something about it!

Companies want to be confident that the right team member with polished dining etiquette skills, polite behavior, and self-assurance will draw clients to them.  When you're representing your company, demonstrating social skills that make a significant impression on potential clients is your key to success.

Dining and Table Manners Classes for both Children and Adults cover

American or European Dining Style
Respectful Table Manners
Making a Toast
When and When Not to Eat
Handling Your Napkin
Dining out in Public
Breaking Bread

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