Etiquette Classes for Growing Kids Tweens

etiquette classes build confidence

Training confidence is how we carry ourselves

Over the past 20 years the use of technology, in particular smartphones, has significantly changed the way we interact with each other. So used to communicating through screens, young people are losing the art of face-to-face communication and the use of good manners. Our Tweens workshop provides hands-on mentoring, where kids will learn why these skills are so important.
By becoming less self-focused and more considerate through our small groups, Good Manners teaches our kids a great etiquette program. This is where students can, improve their relationships, and social skills, and set themselves up for a successful future. In turn, their contribution will make our society a nicer, more thoughtful place to live.

It’s walking tall, it's looking people in the eye, and having polished confidence.  Being extraordinary will set your kids apart from the ordinary.


We cover etiquette to assist tweens in:

  • Meeting new people and introducing friends
  • Thoughtful gestures and the respect it brings
  • Dining with family and friends
  • Good impressions with friends parents

Build and Inspire Confidence

Develop sharp Social Skills to feel confident and accomplished , this sets the extraordinary apart from the ordinary by being gracious, mindful, thoughtful and smart.

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Tween Etiquette classes (10-13 years)

The Good Manners Tween module classes are all based on one hour subjects.  We give parents and caregivers the oppotunity to discuss with us what their childs needs and from this we will tailor package a great learning opportunity that will be used for the rest of their lives.  This is your investment for your childs future.

The Good Manners Tween classes are designed as one on one consultations or can be conducted with a small group of friends.  Our teaching focus is based on the requirements that parents or caregivers feel are needed for their children.  Our classes are fun, fast-paced, and interactive.  We give encouraging and positive feedback throughout the training and encourage the students to practice the skills at home with family and friends.

Worksheets and a certificate is presented for all our students on completion of their structured program.  We will work through a needs analylsis with you, and build the right program for your child. 
Manners are an awareness of the feelings of others if you have the awareness then you have good manners.




Tweens Etiquette snapshot...

First Impressions and great Lasting Impressions
We teach your child what to do to make a great first impression, positive communication skills, being gracious and thoughtful, and exuding confidence through our behavior and our mannerisms.  Your child will learn to meet, greet, and introduce people to each other with ease and confidence.

Take Ownership of Your Presentation 
Learning what is appropriate when we present ourselves through our personal appearance and confident body language.  Standing, walking, and sitting correctly are positive tools when used correctly will encourage your child how to present their best image. When you present your best image, you shine from head to toe.

Table Manners and Dining Etiquette
This is a great class that offers your children an opportunity to learn and master the correct and proper social skills required in any dining situation.  It could be at home, in a restaurant or at a friend’s house, or at a party sleepover.   It is the simple courtesies that give them the confidence to shine at any table. 

tweens learn etiquette